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If, at a dinner party, you find yourself sitting next to someone from Convergys, don’t make the mistake of asking them what they do. Within five minutes you’ll be hopelessly lost. 

Convergys is one of those impressive organisations full of brilliant people who do all the things you didn’t know anybody did, but which keep the world of commerce and industry turning. 

They sell customer management products and information management products, mostly to large corporations. The former is tailored to the communications, financial services, technology, retail, healthcare and government markets. The latter provides a business support system (BBS) products and services.  

The brief

They briefed us to create a sales toolkit that was modular in structure, enabling them to customise it to each of their customers. It should be a unique item that projected an ambience of gravitas and authority appropriate to large, international corporations. 

Services requested

The work

The presentation pack that we designed allowed the salesperson to suggest and explain a solution to the customer’s particular problem while also introducing additional Convergys services.

Where possible, we prefer to prevent the slippages in quality that can occur when more than one supplier is involved in a project and so we engineered and produced the packs ourselves. 

The result was enthusiastically received by our client as much for the way it neatly communicated the personality of the company as for its smart functionality.

Tools & platforms used

  • Adobe CC

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