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We were once asked if we could produce some posters for a well-known tool brand. Sure, we said. But why posters, specifically? Because, they replied, the brand leader has just launched a poster campaign! A classic instance of the execution cart leading the strategy horse.

Fortunately, we talked them out of a suicidal head-to-head with a wealthier competitor. Instead, we devised a loyalty scheme for stockists which made our client the darling of the industry.

So: First we work out what needs to be achieved, then we take a good look at the marketplace. Only when we’ve identified a gap in the competitive landscape do we start proposing media, let alone coming up with creative ideas.

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Campaign management

Campaign management

No two marketing issues are the same, and neither are the responses they suggest. So our work requires us to be versatile – open-minded and multi-disciplined.

Once we’ve got to the strategic heart of a problem, we apply our knowledge of communications – web design, print, promotional schemes, direct mail, social media, advertising, and so on.

Our particular specialism is the ability to stitch all recommended campaign facets together, delivered in a timely fashion with our own trusted internal resource and our good friends and colleagues in the industry who are always eager to work with us.