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Content Marketing

Content marketing

In a nutshell, Content Marketing isn’t about your brand, your products or your services. It’s about your audience. It involves the sharing and creation of online material – videos, blogs, and social media posts –  that doesn’t explicitly promote anything but instead engages the interest of your target, forging a connection between you which will ultimately result in a purchase.

In other words, Content Marketing is aimed at indirectly driving profitable customer action. It has been called ‘the new PR’.

At BAAM, we research, identify and even create such content. For more details and examples, please call us.

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BAAM Email Marketing

Email marketing

Open. Click. Engage.  That’s the mantra that has always driven our powerful email campaigns.

Email can seem like a cheaper alternative medium to conventional Direct Mail. But it’s also quick and easy to delete, and can often seem less substantial, more ephemeral, than a 3-dimensional item.

The secret of effective email lies in an arresting subject line, relevant content and an alluring proposition. In other words, it’s a creative issue. At BAAM, we apply as much creative thought to our marketing emails as to a poster or a broadcast commercial. That’s why they work.