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Brand Development

Brand development

A brand that fails to move forward can only slide backwards. So we apply to our clients’ brands a process of on-going review and evolution, exploiting new techniques as they become available.

Social media has provided many such valuable opportunities – and now the growing emphasis upon consumer experience offers many more, especially in the retail world.

Intriguing guerrilla marketing and memorable event planning in the experiential sector. Engaging, dynamic visuals and punchy, explanatory copy that works across print and video. These are the disciplines that we use to spearhead the continuous development of our clients’ brands. Learn more about branding for business here.

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Brand Management

Brand management

This fashionable buzz-phrase is often misunderstood.

To manage a brand, you must understand why a product appeals both to the customer’s expectations and their aspirations.

What’s the difference between a BMW and a Toyota? The badge and the price. In Brand World, the former justifies the latter. The BMW is ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. The Toyota is the truck they failed to destroy on Top Gear.

Toyota may lack BMW’s swagger, but they too have a brand. One of quiet confidence and reliability.

BAAM is almost like a dating agency, matching a product’s ‘personality’ to the consumer’s and making sure they hit it off.