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Online advertising

Online advertising is the medium that never sleeps. It embraces static and banner ads, viral videos, social media and content marketing.

It works effortlessly across the burgeoning number of platforms and applications available to the digitally-literate consumer – with one caveat: like every other form of advertising, it has to be more than a bald announcement. To cut through the clutter of the Internet, it has to contain an idea.

At BAAM, we strive always to be innovative, ingenious, attractive, startling, engaging, amusing – whatever is required to steal a march over our competitors, for the benefit of our clients.

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Offline advertising

Offline advertising

It wasn’t so long ago that advertising was a tune scored for quite a small ensemble. Now we have, as it were, a symphony orchestra at our disposal: direct mail, print advertising, outdoor, staff motivational programmes, sales promotion, sponsorship…

And of course, the problem with such a multiplicity of choice lies in deciding which technique, or combination of techniques, is most suited to the task in question.

Making such decisions is our special skill. And if we can’t provide a particular discipline ‘in house’, we will draw upon a formidable network of experts assembled over the years, who have earned our continuing trust and respect.