Branding for business

Branding for business

Choosing BAAM – an agency that fits

We are a small team with an appetite for brand development assignments. Branding for business is our main passion.

We’re fast, efficient and exceedingly well versed in our work. And with our long standing versatility and proven track record, we’re able to offer effective brand and identity solutions to a breadth of industry sectors.

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The business branding process

Branding is more than just a logo. It encapsulates the values of your business, it gives a sense of what you stand for, both visually and in the words you use. At BAAM we look at the whole picture and create branding that tells the story of your business.

The process begins with a consultation. Our team meet with your team and get under the skin of your brand. Beyond the products you sell or the services you provide, we like to understand your values. What makes your business unique in the marketplace – where you are now and where you want to be. Ultimately, we aim to find out how we can develop your brand and position your business where you want it to be.

Branding for business

Key stages

  1. Understanding

    The consultation process is always best conducted in your working environment. We would ask you to expand on what we have already learned about your business, the sector in which it resides and the competition you face. We like to understand and become aligned with your goals and learn what we can about the history and success of the business.

  2. Aspirations

    In support of the brand creation / evolution process, it’s essential for us to understand your sales process, the nature of your clients and those that you aspire to. To create a visual map, we’d ask for examples of your existing collateral including logos and other supporting brand assets. To further inform our creative process we’d also like to ask about what inspires you – competitor branding, imagery and tone of voice.

  3. Deliverables

    Depending on what you need, we’ll agree a set of deliverables which could include but is not limited to;

    • a new visual identity including logo, font and colours
    • a ‘suitcase of parts’ which can take the form of imagery and other elements you can use in your printed and digital collateral
    • a set of brand guidelines that will ensure your new look is applied consistently across whatever media you choose.

Featured branding project

The Team have taken time to understand my business from the ground up including its heritage and values, to ensure that what they create, fits my brand look and feel.

Gonville Hotel Logo

The Gonville Hotel, arguably the best hotel in Cambridge, initially approached us to help with the branding for their new on-site spa, Gresham House Wellness. Gresham House itself is a lovingly restored 17th century house that sits in the grounds of the hotel. It incorporates both a spa and eight feature bedrooms, each named after a different botanical.

This, coupled with the interior design of the bedrooms, formed the jumping off point for our development of the Gresham House Wellness identity. We layered victorian style illustrations and watercolours of the chosen botanicals to create a luxurious collage giving a feeling of abundance and sense of the building’s history. This work lead on on to wider ongoing branding work for the hotel itself as well as website design and build for both properties.

Bespoke designed branded gift box for Gonville Hotel

We paired this with contemporary typesetting and a palette of calming blues, greys and greens to offset the visual punch of the florals.

  • Gonville hotel printed collateral
  • Price insert for Gresham House Wellness
  • Gift vouchers for Gonville hotel designed by BAAM
  • Close up of the Gresham House Wellness treatment brochure
  • Bespoke designed and manufactured bags for Gonville Hotel

Please feel free to visit the Gonville Hotel and Gresham House Wellness websites.

Client Testimonial

“I have been working with BAAM for the past two years and over this time, I have grown to consider them as much a part of my business and team as anyone on the payroll. The team have taken time to understand my business from the ground up including its heritage and values, to ensure that what they create, fits my brand look and feel. BAAM offer a wide range of services and as such, the “one stop shop” service that they offer enables me to liaise with a handful of the right people which ensures that my brand and message never get diluted.

BAAM have been instrumental in helping me to create a high-quality digital presence as well as livery and ambient marketing alike. The mark of a good agency, for me, is when you are no longer able to tell what was your own or their idea to begin with, it should just become seamless. The Team at BAAM have real passion, energy and know what good looks and feels like. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”

Edward Adshead, General Manager – Gonville Hotel

Paul Flower

Talk to Paul Flower, our brand expert

Paul is a commercially minded brand heavyweight with 22 years of marketing industry experience to date. With a history of senior roles in top London and Cambridge agencies, his work with high profile clients across a wide variety of brands in different sectors lends itself beautifully to his work here at BAAM.

Feel free to give Paul a call on 01223 203090, email him or send him a message using this form. Paul is always happy and ready to answer your brand related questions.